Silent R Luftkompressor mit variablem Frequenzantrieb (DVA-75GA/W)

Produktbeschreibung 75kw Silent Frequency Converter Air Compressor1. Variable frequency drive2. Controllable air flow, Controllable cost3. Pass CE, ISO9001 Quality Certificate4. Complet

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75kw Silent Frequency Converter Air Compressor
1. Variable frequency drive
2. Controllable air flow, Controllable cost
3. Pass CE, ISO9001 Quality Certificate
4. Complete before-on-after sales service

---Every model has a corresponding frequency conversion
Which controls the air flow by changing the rotational speed of motor, making the air output and electricity consumption smoothly vary synchronously with the different air flow. When the air use quantity falls, the air supply decreases and so does the electricity consumption for energy conservation.

---Long Life air compressor
Rotors are asymmetric in profile, backed up by ball bearings and roller bearings; Operate at a low speed, thereby low in abrasion and maintenance expenses, air end are long service life. Helical gears can produce axial force to kill some acting force, which reduces the load of the bearing of air end.

---More reliable operation
With frequency conversion soft start, it avoids grid impact, self-engendered mechanical impact, and negative factors of lasting high speed operation of the air end. Without the participation of a contactor, it prevents point contact failure. Setting desired pressure at discretion, and maintaining constant pressure
Users can set pressure between 3-14 bars at their discretion, without changing the gear of belt.

Air flow Capacitym3/min4.1-13.54-133.5-11.832.9-10
Working pressureBar781013
Motor powerKW75
NoisedB(A)75±2, measured according to the international GB/T4980-2003 standard
Outlet DiametermmG2"
Cooling method
Air cooling/Water cooling
Driven method
Direct driven
Oil content of discharged airppmLess than 3 ppm
Rotation speedrpm2965
Starting method
Variable Frequency Start
Protection class
Insulation class
F class
VoltageV/Ph/Hz380V/3Ph/50Hz as standard, also can be changed according to customer's requirements.

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